“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”
- David Richo -


Eugene Viljoen

Eugene has been in private practice since 1992. He is registered with the HPCSA as a Clinical Psychologist. He trained as a Clinical Psychologist and finished his internship at 1Military Hospital where a special interest developed in sexual rehabilitation of war veterans. This period was followed with a short sponsored internship at the Masters and Johnson Institute (Sexual Health) in St Louis, Missouri, USA. A Doctoral programme followed. Apart from the clinical work done, he is the President of the Southern Africa Sexual Health Association, served on the advisory boards of Pfizer & Bayer Pharmaceutical companies, and previously on the scientific advisory board of the World Association for Sexology. He also acted as the secretary for the African Federation for Sexual Health and Sexual Rights for 4 years. A number of international invitations followed as a lecturer in Sexology in Italy, Tunis, Canada, Cuba, Kenya and South Africa. Eugene was certified after completing all the requirements and examination, as a Sexologist through the Academic Board of the European Federation of Sexology and the European Society for Sexual Medicine in 2014.

In South Africa he has lectured at different Universities to medical and post-graduate students. He is a contributor to different publications in the popular media relating to Human Sexual Health, as well as television inserts with reference to documentaries (Carte Blanche, Sex etc. on MNET) and live talk shows on South African television. He was included as a contributor in the latest publication from Struik Publishers on the profiling of sexual offenders.

Some of the areas in which I have training and experience (and in which he continues to study) include Co-active Coaching, Integral Coaching, Decision-Making Solution Focused Conflict Resolution.


B.Sc. Hons. (Physiol. & Bioch.) B.Sc. Hons. (Psych.); M.Sc. (Clin. Psych.)

Dipl Aviation Psych & Physiol. (USA) Ph.D; ISSM/EFS Certified Clinical Sexologist

(European Federation for Sexology)

Eugene Viljoen


At Eugene Viljoen’s practice we work hard at getting the best support, assessment and clinical diagnosis and treatment for all our patients. We believe that everyone should and can have fulfilling sexual relationships, get resolve in conflict situations, and develop personal tactics to combat psychological blockings or rehabilitation of neuro-conditions, in order to live mentally healthier lives.


Eugene Viljoen


We believe in doing the right thing, and treating each case situation with the patience, care it deserves. A small adjustment can make all the difference in re-aligning the mind to the right compass direction.

Eugene Viljoen


We look at each individual in the context of the situation, background, and their environment to get to a holistic outlook on a case-by-case basis.

Eugene Viljoen


Being objective and professional stems from extensive experience and is key to the service we provide.


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